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The mission of the Black Faculty and Staff Association is to help foster a culture of oneness for all by serving as an advocate that is dedicated to promoting and enhancing identity and professional welfare and growth through collaborations, community service, education, research, outreach and cultural activities among faculty, staff and students; and to be a critical resource for the continued success of Johns Hopkins in pursuit of its objectives towards an inclusive community by developing and cultivating working relationships with key administrators and operating units.


  1. Exert influence and participation of the Black community at JHU, both in terms of Black concerns and the total structure of the university;
  2. Advocate for the employment of a more representative number of Black faculty and staff (in particular at the senior staff level) at the Johns Hopkins University;Advocate for the admission of a more representative number of Black students (undergraduate and graduate) at the Johns Hopkins University;
  3. Promote professional excellence, scholarship and cooperative research among Black faculty, staff and students;
  4. Urge the JHU to provide equal educational and careers opportunities for professional growth and upward mobility for all members of the Black community;
  5. Provide JHU with a comprehensive and representative Black perspective on institutional, societal and programmatic development at the JHU and in the community;
  6. Serve as a resource bureau for JHU and the Black community;
  7. Provide both leadership and supportive service on the administrative and academic levels to facilitate the delivery of efficient and effective service to all elements of the JHU;
  8. Stimulate a sense of social responsibility and cultural sensitivity to improve communication among Black faculty, staff and students.