Frequently Asked Questions

What types of membership are available?
There are three types of membership – active, associate and lifetime.

Active membership is limited to persons who are currently employed by The Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Hospital or Johns Hopkins University affiliates.

Associate membership is open to any Johns Hopkins University student and invited persons not currently employed by the Johns Hopkins University.

Lifetime membership is a member who has paid the lifetime membership fee or is a past president of the Black Faculty and Staff Association.

Is there a membership fee?
Yes, there is a $10 membership fee. Once paid, you are an active member for one year from your pay date. So if you pay your dues on April 18, 2014, to remain an active member, you must renew your membership on or before April 17, 2015.

The fee for a lifetime membership is $100.00

Do I have to pay dues?
Yes, your initial joining fee counts as your dues for the first year. Membership renewal dues are paid on or before your anniversary date each year after.

How to pay dues?

Login with your JHED ID and password.  Just as you would to any Hopkins system.  If you do not have a JHED ID, create an account using  this format "firstname.lastname" and create your own password.

Click the BFSA membership tab  - Yearly and follow the link.

You will click "Add to cart "to start the payment process.  Pay with either PayPal account or credit card.  For other options, contact the BFSA membership coordinator.  The contact information is listed on the BFSA membership tab.

I created an account then received a message saying "Your account is currently pending approval by the site administrator." What does that mean?

If you use a user name other than your JHED ID and current password you will receive that message.   Someone will be in touch to walk you through the process.

Thank you for applying for an account. Your account is currently pending approval by the site administrator.
In the meantime, a welcome message with further instructions has been sent to your e-mail address.

What am I entitled to as a member?
Active (dues paying) members are allowed to vote, hold office in the Association, serve on committees and receive reduced or free admission to BFSA sponsored events such as Juneteenth, special luncheons, workshops and more!

Where are the meetings and how often are they held?
Caucus Meetings are held monthly at the Homewood, East Baltimore and Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) Campuses.

How long do I have to be a member to serve on a committee?
Once your dues are paid, you may contact the chair of the committee that you are interested in joining.

Who is the representative for my area?
Caucus Chairs, elected by caucus members, serve on the Executive Board of the BFSA as the representative of your caucus. The caucus of the three areas are:

How can I get information on BFSA events and activities?
E-mail messages are sent to people who are subscribed to our listserv and we have an events calendar on our website to help keep you informed

How can I become actively involved and what areas can I become involved in?

You can attend BFSA meetings, contact committee chairs, or provide suggestions of ideas and/or potential activities.