IRB Nomination Form

In May 2012 the BFSA, Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels and Johns Hopkins External Affairs and Development launched “The Indispensable Role of Blacks at Johns Hopkins” project. The project gives a glimpse into the intertwined history of Blacks and Johns Hopkins. The current project and website was a continuation of an earlier BFSA project, "History of African Americans @ JHU," which was active from 2003-2008.  Both projects were designed to recognize Black students, faculty and staff who have contributed to this institution’s rich history and who have brought honor to the institution through their achievements.  The Indispensable Role of Blacks at Johns Hopkins traveling and website exhibit was launched spring, 2012 and was displayed at all of the Johns Hopkins campuses. The individuals who were featured in the exhibit were honored at the 2012 BFSA’s annual Juneteenth Celebration.  We will induct new members to the online site and ask that you participate in the process.

To nominate someone to be a part of the Indispensable Role of Blacks at Johns Hopkins project, review the criteria below.

Nominees must be:

  • Black
  • JH Faculty, Staff, Student, Alumni, or Trustee
  • An advocate or passionate for a cause
  •  Indispensable to community; through career contributions or community outreach or student mentoring or service to the University

Additional considerations:

  • Trailblazer
  • Renowned
  • Leadership role in department or school

All submissions must include the nominee’s: (1) full name, (2) year(s) at Johns Hopkins and  (3) reason(s) for the nomination using the criteria listed above.

Nominations close in October.  The committee meets in November/December to make selections for the new class.  The induction ceremony is in conjunction with the next Juneteenth Celebration.

Any nominations submitted after selections have been made for the year will be considered for the next round.

Indispensable Role of Black Project Nominee

Indispensable Role of Black Project Nominee